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Dr. G. S. Laha.., Ph.D (Pathology),
      Senior Scientist.

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Directorate of Rice Research,
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Area of Research

Biology and management of bacterial diseases of rice with special reference to BLB.



Institutional projects

Assessment of resistant sources and monitoring of pathogen virulence in bacterial leaf blight of rice.

Externally funded projects

Functional characterization of novel bacterial blight resistance genes from wild relatives of oryza spp ( DBT).

Projects completed:

Externally funded projects (sponsored by DBT)

Recent publications

Laha GS, R Singh, D Krishnaveni, S Sunder and DS Dodan, 2008. Evaluation of elite cultures for resistance to bacterial leaf blight of rice. Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology 38 (2): 378-380.

Laha GS, SM Balachandran, RM Sundaram, B Ghoshal, K Datta, B Mishra and SK Datta. 2008. Performance of transgenic Indica rice with Xa21 gene against Indian isolates of bacterial blight pathogen under field condition. Trends in Biosciences 1: 1-4.

Laha GS, CS Reddy, D Krishnaveni, RM Sundaram, M Srinivas Prasad, T Ram, K Muralidharan and BC Viraktamath. 2009. Bacterial blight of rice and its management. Technical Bulletin No.41. Directorate of Rice Research (ICAR), Rajendranagar, Hyderabad. pp 37.

Laha GS, P Muthuraman and D Krishnaveni. 2008. Varilo bacterial Leaf blight vyadhi.  Yajamanyam (Telugu). Agrigold   Swarna Sedyam 11(7): 12-16.

Laha G S and Venkataraman S. 2000. Relationship between incidence, severity and yield in sheath rot disease of rice. Oryza 37(4): 344-345. (published 2002).

Laha G S and Venkataraman S. 2001. Bio-inoculants to control rice sheath blight disease. Journal of  Mycology and  Plant Pathology. 31(1): 124-125.

Laha G S and Venkataraman S. 2001. Sheath blight management in rice with bio-control agents. Indian Phytopathology. 54(4): 461-464.

Laha G S, J.N. Reddy J, Nagraj Kumar, C.S. Reddy and G. J. N.Rao. 2007. Performance of Swarna lines carrying combinations of bacterial blight resistance genes. Journal of Mycology and Plant  Pathology  37 (1):74-76.



Dr. Brajendra.., Ph.d (Soil Sceience),
                     Senior Scientist.


Address for contact

Directorate of Rice Research,
Phone: Office: +91-40-24015036 ,
Mobile: 9177210995,
Hyderabad-500030,Andhra Pradesh ,
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
             This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Area of Research

Soil informatics, diagnostics in soil fertility research, enhancing nutrient and fertilizer use efficiency.


Projects completed:

Studies on STCR correlations in Meghalaya (AP CESS,ICAR, as Project leader, 2006-07).

Characterization and Evaluation of fertility status of soils under Different Land Use Systems of Mizoram (Inst. Project, as Project leader, 2003-06).

INM for optimum crop productivity and soil health maintenance as CO-PI(2006-2008).


Institutional Projects:

Development of On farm soil and plant testing kit ( As Project leader, 2006-08).

Development of package of practices for major cereal crops under agro climatic conditions of Mizoram( As Co-PI, 2003-07).

Soil, Plant, Animal Continuum for diagnosing mineral disorders in dairy cattle (As Co-PI, 2003-07)At DRR, Hyderabad Assessment of Soil Quality for optimum Rice Productivity.


Brajendra and Kundan Kishore .2007.Nutrient status of soils under agri-horti land use system in Mizoram. Environment and ecology.Vol.25 (4): 791-793.

Brajendra and M.S.Dravid .2007. Isotopic studies to evaluate use efficiency of Phosphorus as influenced by Sulphur and Zinc. Environment and ecology.Vol.25S (3):619-621.

Brajendra and M.S.Dravid.2007.Tracer studies on the interaction effect of P,S and Zn on their content ,uptake and dry matter yield of Mustard. Environment and ecology.Vol.25S(3):614-618.

Brajendra, A.K.Vishwakarma, and K.A.Pathak .2006.Effect of manure with lime on yield of maize, groundnut, upland paddy and soybean in Mizoram. Indian Journal of Hill Farming. 19(1&2): 125-126.

Brajendra ,A.K.Vishwakarma and K.A.Pathak (2006) .Effect of varying doses of lime on yield and attributes of maize in Mizoram. Indian Journal of Hill Farming. 19(1&2): 142-144.


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I heartily welcome you to DRR web site. The year 2013-14 witnessed record rice production of 106.19 million tonnes mainly due to timely onset of south-west monsoon and its reasonable good distribution across the country notwithstanding three consecutive cyclones (Phailin, Helen and Lehar) in the eastern region. Another notable feature was the country continued to be no. 1 rice exporter in the world since 2011, earning the highest foreign exchange of Rs. 33,858 crores through exports.


During the year, Directorate continued to play a significant role on research front with the release of eight hybrids and eighteen varieties by the Central and State Variety Release Committees. The breeder seed production accounted 555 tonnes of 220 varieties produced as per DAC indent. Our Directorate developed three varieties viz., IET 22598 (RP 5213-69-13-3-4-1-2-B), a high yielding mid-early duration variety; IET 22836 (RP 5208-3-IR87707-445-B-B-B), which is IR 64 NIL introgressed with two yield QTLs doing well under moderate drought and IET 22729 (RP 5311-PR 26703-3B-PJ7), an INGER culture promising in aerobic trials. Significant research achievements include identification of resistance elite lines against BPH and WBPH and basmati pyramided lines resistant to bacterial blight; several lines promising for nitrogen use efficiency and low phosphorous conditions. The complete genome sequence of RTSV isolate from southern India was successfully deciphered and deposited in the NCBI database. New varieties, hybrids and several proven crop production and protection technologies were demonstrated through 485 Front Line Demonstrations covering 15 states. As a part of commercialization endeavour with the private sector for upscaling of technologies, DRR signed four MoAs for DRRH-2 and one MoA for DRRH-3 during 2013-14.

Six new externally funded projects with a total budget of Rs. 1.76 crores were approved during the year. It is also heartening to note that the Directorate is going to lead the Consortia Research Platform on ‘Biofortification in selected crops for nutritional security’ during the XII Plan period.

The performance of DRR scientists has been exemplary and some of our scientists conferred the prestigious Hari Om Ashram Award for team research as well as individual awards. Over 60 research papers were published in high impact journals and several papers and posters were presented in national and international symposia. One scientist was deputed abroad for advanced training. Academic activity encompassed completion of ten research projects by M.Sc. students.


DRR will continue its efforts towards striving for excellence in rice research and coordination.  The staff members are also looking forward with great expectations to celebrate the forth coming event in 2015, the AICRIP Golden Jubilee year. 




Dr. V. Ravindrababu (Acting Director)

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